Sasan Maleki

  Contact Info

Sasan Maleki, Ph.D.

Computer Scientist

I am a postdoctoral research fellow at Sharif University of Technology.


  PhD Research

A quick overview of some of my PhD research on applying the Shapley value in the Smart Grid domain

  Smart Thermostat


  • National Elites Foundation postdoctoral fellowship, 2017
  • EPSRC fully-funded PhD scholarship, 2011
  • Distinction in master's, University of Southampton, 2010
  • Ranked second in bachelor's with a GPA of 87%, IASBS, 2009


  • Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Machine Learning

  • Smart homes

  • AI in the Smart Grid

  Power TAC Competition

I was part of the team IAMPower and SotonPower, in charge of developing demand prediction algorithms and optimal bidding strategies. In the tournaments held at IJCAI 2011, our agent won 4 out of 5 games.

  The Energy Quiz

In a collaboration with BT Research, I developed an online game-like quiz with an aim to populate data about people's perception of energy consumption and saving. I was responsible for the scientific research in the project as well as developing the back end and leading a group of front end developers.